The ultimate goal of a PR agency is to effectively tell a story. And in today’s landscape, the best-in-class PR agencies are those that know how vital it is to shift from one-way communications to two-way (co-creation) conversations that help marketers see outcomes rather than measuring just outputs.  But finding the right agency to tell your story can be time-consuming and an all-around difficult process. Based on the agency’s connections, experience, and approach, the strategies they use can be vastly different.

The increased complexity shaping marketing, the rising focus and customer experience, significant innovation stemming from data and technological advancements (such as programmatic buys); these are just a few of the many reasons marketers have been aggressively driving the review of agency ecosystems.

The stage is set for Super Bowl LIII which will be in Atlanta where the city will host one of the most significant annual sporting events in the world on February 3. Whether or not you’re a football fan, the Super Bowl entices more than 111 million viewers to tune into the big game.

“Life begins at the end of our comfort zone. We get there by stretching.”

In this is a fantastic quote, author John C. Maxwell is explaining the idea of growth on more of a personal level, but I feel it’s a quote that holds very true for those who have careers in the marketing industry.