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After many years of speaking at top industry events and conferences including Mirren, 4A’s, Ad Age Small Agency and more, Lisa is often referred to as a ‘Cupid in a suit’ as she passionately educates her audiences on the importance of creating meaningful relationships between brands and agencies.

Not only does Lisa believe in enduring partnerships that matter, but she actively participates in creating them. Having consulted on and managed agency reviews including Calvin Klein, Coach, Mercedes-Benz, Ben and Jerry’s and The New York Times – Lisa tackles and solves the most vexing agency search challenges and has enabled hundreds of marketers to meet and/or exceed their business goals. Over 1,500+ relationships to be exact.

Described as an agency search consultant whose unique perspective is highly valued, Lisa counsels both marketers and communications agencies on their business and branding efforts. Her wisdom has been shared throughout top industry publications and in 2016, she published her first book, @AARLisa: New Biz in 140 Characters (or Less).

  • Tom Finneran

    “Lisa is a passionate industry advocate and an acknowledged agency search SME. Her innovative curation of agency selection-new business burning issues is timely, relevant and fascinating.”

    Tom Finneran, EVP of Agency Management Services | 4A’s
  • Johanna McDowell

    “In the world of new business for agencies, there are a handful of people who can provide practical, thoughtful advice on prospecting, pitching and performance management. Lisa Colantuono is one of those individuals who offer the wisdom of experience and the insights from observing agencies and clients at their best and worst.”

    Johanna McDowell, Founder & CEO | Independent Agency Search and Selection Company
  • Jody Sutter

    “Few people understand the function of new business at ad agencies with the amount of depth and insight that Lisa does. As anyone who follows her on Twitter knows, Lisa is passionate about sharing her knowledge so that agencies can get better at attracting and winning the right clients. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better advocate for both agencies and the marketers they serve.”

    Jody Sutter, Owner | The Sutter Company
  • Simon Bond

    “Lisa’s expertise in the marketing space, specifically as it relates to the delicate art of helping brands forge meaningful relationships with agencies, is just incomparable. The only thing that matches Lisa’s remarkable depth of experience in aligning brands with agencies is her uncanny ability to share her very best practices through succinct yet actionable pearls of wisdom. Simply put, Lisa is a rare master at what she does and her operating principles deeply resonate with marketing professionals of all kinds.”

    Simon Bond, Global Chief Growth Officer | IPG
  • Alexei Orlov

    “In her excellent career guiding and steering important partnerships between agencies and clients Lisa has seen it all – from the truly remarkable, Great Winners, sublime and powerful – to those who really should go and do something else altogether … Her delightful way of sharing her first hand experiences of the eternal quest to win great business opportunities is a treasure trove of insight and wonderful stories that would help anyone to sit back and think again. It is never too late to throw one’s knowledge away in the quest to learn something new and this book will do just that. Read it over a long, slow brew.”

    Alexei Orlov, (past) Global CEO | RAPP

About Lisa Colantuono

About Lisa

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