Present Your Insights To Thousands of Marketers

Do you have one idea worth spreading for the greater good of marketing executives? Are you lacking the platform to get those ideas in front of thousands of marketers? AAR’s smAARt Talk can get your idea in front of over 3K marketers.

Educate Marketers & Get Your Agency Name Out There

Now more than ever before, marketers need three things: Insights that help their brand pivot quickly as consumer behaviors change, creative thinking that drives bigger impact while requiring fewer resources, and access to agency talent that can help make these needs happen. AAR Partners’ smAARt Talk gives your agency an opportunity to get in front of these marketers at the right time… and have their attention.


Your agency's smAARt Talk will be hosted on Vimeo and AAR Partners will personally distribute your talk to our own personal network of 3K+ marketing leaders via email.


There are thousands of agencies posting educational content. Breaking through the clutter is where agencies struggle. smAARt Talks give you a platform to truly stand out.


AAR Partners has been aligning the world's leading brands with best fit agencies for over 4 decades. An agency endorsement from us is taken very seriously in the eyes of brands.

How smAARt Talk Works

It’s a simple three-step process that will help your agency gain exposure and credibility among thousands of marketing executives! 

Step 1: Fill Out the Application

Here at AAR Partners, we pride ourselves on providing marketers quality content that serves to educate… not sell. That’s why we have an application process for smAARt Talk. Please fill out the application to be considered!

Step 2: Create & Submit Your Content

Once approved, AAR Partners will work with you on developing an outline for an engaging talk. After the outline is approved, create a video in 14 minutes or less that shares one critical and innovative idea that will help marketers progress within the next 6-12 months. That’s it!

Step 3: Distribution to 3K+ Marketers

Once the video is completed, AAR Partners will email your smAARt Talk to our personal network of over 3,000 marketing decision-makers. Want to filter your distribution list, no problem. We’ll work with you on that too.

What Marketer's Are Saying About smAARt Talk

Apply for Your smAARt Talk!

The ultimate purpose of AAR’s smAARt Talk is to provide marketers with exclusive quality education on how to put new and innovative ideas into practice while also introducing them to your agency and how it can help fill those needs!