Our Approach

At AAR Partners, our approach to the agency search process is different because not only is the process labor-intensive and time-consuming, but choosing the wrong agency will cost you much more than just time.

Over the past four decades, our secret sauce has relied on developing an agency search process that’s completely personalized to your brand’s unique needs. Through this method, we have successfully developed 1500+ client-agency relationships that have outlasted the industry average.

So, why should your brand choose AAR Partners to manage your agency search? We’re glad you asked:

  • Unique Compensation Model: Our unique compensation structure allow you to put more of your dollars into marketing instead of a search consultant. Limited funds for a consultant? We have various service options; keeping your budget top of mind.

  • Sole Focus on Agency Search: AAR’s sole focus is on the agency search process. We don’t offer tons of other services for a reason. Instead, we’re a “master of one” rather than a Jack of all trades.

  • Agency-Friendly Consultants: We’ve proudly built a reputation of being the “agency-friendly search consultant” by being courteous and respectful of the agencies’ part in a review process.

  • Supported by Private Equity: With a deep support system, we are the only search consultancy backed by a private equity company with a global network of international AAR offices in London, Paris and Johannesburg.

  • Relationships Are King: We’re more than just agency search consultants, we’re “relationship consultants.” We pride ourselves on forging culturally compatible partnerships.

  • BONUS: We’re fun, friendly and focused on your business. Here at AAR Partners, we will not manage more than three reviews simultaneously; allowing our team to give you our undivided attention through out your entire review!

  • Jim Hepple

    “Just offering my many thanks for assisting us all the way through this process. I have done this many times and I have to say on almost every occasion was never really happy with the way things went. Either we didn’t know which other agencies were out there who could help us, or we never give anyone a clear brief, or the whole thing was clouded by emotion rather than considered thought. It was a pleasure working with AAR Partners. The review was well-managed from start to finish. You developed a solid universe of agencies and brought all the right tools and counsel to help us collectively make the best decision for us. I wish you well in the future.”

    Jim Hepple, President & CEO | Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association
  • Jim Hepple

    “Thanks to AAR Partners, Bacardi USA was able to quickly find a great fit for our media assignment. AAR Partners not only concerned themselves with matching the needed technical media expertise, but they made sure to find the right personality and work ethic match. They proved that hiring a consultant is a huge advantage for an advertiser.”

    John Gomez, Former Group Brand Director | Bacardi USA
  • Jennifer Dymerets

    “I really and truly want to thank you for your guidance during this process. You brought good agencies to the table and helped to guide the discussion at every step to focus on what was important. In the end, we’ve completed a very successful agency search, I feel good about the results, and I look forward to our next three years with both a new agency (Mullen) and our direct incumbent, Hacker.”

    Jennifer Dymerets, Director of Direct Marketing | EmblemHealth
  • Kathy Collins

    “I personally see no comparison to other consultants. You guys are superior across the board.”

    Kathy Collins, Former Vice President of Marketing | Lee Jeans
  • Carrie Lewis

    “Lisa has been a true partner throughout our entire RFP process. She is always clear-headed and provides fair and sound advice. It is clear that she knows what she is doing and has been in the business, in many capacities, and understands what works and what doesn’t. I couldn’t have navigated this process without her.”

    Carrie Lewis, Director of Advertising | Live! Casino & Hotel


Our forged client-agency relationships last twice as long as the average industry tenure.



Of previous clients return to AAR Partners for additional discipline agency reviews.



Our agency search process is completed in half the duration of an in-house agency review.


< 18 mo

Our forged client-agency relationships yield ROI for the brand in 18 months or less.

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Considering an Agency Search?

Let’s start a confidential conversation today.

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