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    “AAR Partner’s work has left a legacy – the RBC brand continues to strengthen, with the impact of the new agency and the agency review process as a contributing factor.”

    Gord Kerr, Director of Advertising | RBC Financial Group
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    “I personally see no comparison to other consultants. AAR Partners are superior across the board.”

    Kathy Collins, Vice President of Marketing | Lee Jeans
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    Years ago, my hiring manager told me to watch the movie “Get Shorty” as my first assignment. Afterwards, I asked him why he gave me that task and he said the key message is to “hire the professionals.” I never forgot that lesson. Lisa, you’re still standing after 21+ years of managing agency reviews because you’re “Shorty” in the scenario – one needs a savvy professional to get this very heavy lift right!!!!

    Regina Lewis, Strategic Communications & Brand Campaigns | Lexia Learning
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    “What a pleasure it has been working with two TOP pros…who really get it and have uncompromising standards of excellence for the process! Thank you for your guidance and support that made all the difference in getting us to this amazing outcome.”

    Dan Albaum, Director of Marketing | Committee for Children
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    I can’t imagine this process without you leading it. Your process and you are amazing – even for a New Yorker! LOL. 😉

    Erik Beguin, Founder & CEO | Austin Capital Bank
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    “Working with Lisa Colantuano and AAR Partners for our AOR Search was invaluable in helping us find the right agency partner. The brand was undergoing a transition, and it was critical to find an agency to meet our changing needs. Based on AAR’s depth of experience and agency knowledge, coupled with their unique quantitative approach, made us incredibly confident in who ultimately won our business! Within a short span of working with us, C-K launched the campaign for one of Nikon’s most successful cameras, the D850, which drove incredible sales results and brand awareness in a highly competitive D-SLR market.”

    Lisa Baxt, former Assoc. General Manager, Communications| Nikon