Benchmark Your Agency Creds Deck

Ready to start landing deals with the brands that will define your portfolio? Though our Creds Critique service, in 90-minutes or less, we’ll help you create a creds deck that connects with clients!

The Art of the Creds Deck

Leading creds presentations comes down strong value propositions and an even stronger story. Let’s perfect yours.

Customized Feedback

Tailored, unfiltered, and actionable feedback specific to your agency

Highlight Your UVP

Identify what makes your agency stand out from the crowd.

Amplify Your Story

Tell your story in a way that resonates with major brands.

Customized Feedback

Sit down with AAR Partner’s President, Lisa Colantuono to receive tailored, unfiltered and actionable feedback specific to your agency’s creds deck. 

Highlight Your UVP

Sure, your agency can identify your client’s UVP with no issues. But when it comes to identifying your own unique value prop, sometimes its hard to see the forest from the trees. We can help you highlight exactly what makes your agency unique in sea full of fish. 

Amplify Your Story

People like to do business with businesses they know, like and trust… Major brands are no different when it comes to choosing their agency partners. Let’s amplify your story so that it resonates with the brands you’d love to work with!

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Join the Agency Growth Program to get 2 creds critiques per year, placement in our client data center, leads, unlimited new business education and so much more.

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AAR Partner’s President, Lisa Colatunono has been critiquing the world’s leading agency creds decks for over two decades. Your presentation is in great hands with AAR Partners. Get on the books today!