Be a Guest on the "On Purpose" Podcast

Join us as a guest on the “On Purpose” podcast to educate marketers on what your agency is doing right now – on purpose – to create meaningful work for brands.

The Purpose of "On Purpose"

Did you know that 75% of marketers manage agency reviews? And their main hurdle is not knowing the agency universe. That’s where “On Purpose” fits in. Our podcast gives marketers a bird’s eye view of the hidden agency landscape and gives agencies an endorsement from AAR Partners.


Your agency's episode will be hosted on each major podcast hosting service... plus we will distribute it to our own personal network of +3,000 marketing leaders via email.


There are thousands of agencies out there and minimal reputable resources outside of search consultancies to narrow down the options for marketers. This podcast is a way to stand out.


AAR Partners has been aligning the world's leading brands with best fit agencies for over four decades. An agency endorsement from us is taken very seriously in the eyes of brands.

How the "On Purpose" Podcast Works

The President of AAR Partners, Lisa Colantuono, will interview one of your agency’s executives for 15-minutes. The heart of the conversation will focus on the meaningful work your agency is producing for its clients.  

Share Your UVP

Highlight your agency’s key purpose or reason for being  

Highlight Your Work

Discuss how your team is fueling purpose-driven communications through your work. 

Share Your Story

Tell our marketing audience how your team is crafting aspirational brands.

Emphasize Your Impact

Share your experience with driving impactful integration into consumer’s lives.

Apply To Be Featured On the Podcast!

The ultimate purpose of the “On Purpose” podcast is to educate marketers that are managing client-led reviews on a portion of the agency landscape while also helping your agency get in front of them at the right time. Join us to get in front of them today!