10 Reasons to Partner with AAR

At AAR Partners, our sole focus is creating successful brand and agency relationships. A leading reason our client’s partner with us is because we’re intimately intertwined with the advertising industry, and the next generation of agencies. Allowing our team to confidently point you to the right agency partner who can address and solve each of your marketing needs.

We not only look at technical fit, but also just as important – their cultural fit to your business and team. When contemplating if you should contact us to help with your next review, take a look at the top 10 reasons our clients hire us:

1) Relationship-Driven

Through our deep cultural compatibility assessments, we build bridges between prospective client-agency teams. This naturally allows those agencies with the most compatible connection to bubble up in an authentic manner.

2) ROI Focused

Our forged client-agency partnerships yield ROI for your brand. With a full understanding of your brand equity, market share and profit margins, our goal is to ensure you will have a great success story within 18-months or less.

3) Decades of Expertise

With nearly 40 years of experience and 1500+ agency reviews under our belt, our team of senior consultants have the agency search process down to a science. We empower you to make quantitative and qualitative decisions in order to select the most appropriate agency partner.

4) Hands-On Consultants

Relationships can only blossom if direct feedback is given. That’s why we are hands on consultants, meaning we provide both you and the agency direction, counsel and advice. This allows you to make comprehensive decisions from start to finish.

5) Proven Track Record

Our track record speaks for itself – even when there is a CMO change, our forged client-agency partnerships outlast the industry average by three to five times due to our personalized agency search process.

6) Flexible Pricing

Keeping your budget in mind and allowing you to put more of your dollars into marketing instead of a search consultant, we have various unique compensation options for your company to choose from.

7) Streamlined Process

AAR Partners only focuses on the agency search process making us the ultimate master of our craft. We are detail oriented, organized, streamlined, efficient and effective, allowing us to get you to the finish line and seeing ROI and results faster.

8) Strong Resources

AAR Partners is the only national search consultancy supported by a private equity company, allowing us to provide deeper resources for all your needs.

9) Transparent Communication

To save time, money and any possibility of an unfit relationship, we keep all communication transparent. This ensures that both you and the agencies are well aware of what you’re getting into long before a partnership is agreed upon.

10) Undivided Attention

We understand that there is absolutely no room for error when selecting your brands next agency partner. For this reason, we will not manage more than three reviews simultaneously, allowing us to give you our undivided attention for your entire review.

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    “We considered quite a few resources to assist with our digital agency search, and are very happy to say that AAR Partners was by far the right choice. Their expertise and industry knowledge added immeasurable value to our search, from the careful generation of the long list of candidate agencies, the chemistry assessments, all the way through to final selection. AAR provided structure, insights, interpretation and administrative support throughout a complex, time-consuming process. Never cookie-cutter, they always customized the process to our specific needs without losing the integrity of the structured approach. They guided us to an excellent digital agency partnership that perfectly matches our business needs, our brand and our professional personalities. I would recommend AAR to any brand marketer that wants an agency relationship built to last and last.”

    Elizabeth Crabill, Vice President of Sales and Marketing | Lindblad Expeditions
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    “AAR Partners has been a true partner throughout our entire RFP process. They are always clear-headed and provide fair and sound advice. It is clear that they knows what they are doing and have been in the business, in many capacities, and understand what works and what doesn’t. I couldn’t have navigated this process without them.”

    Carrie Lewis, Director of Advertising | Live! Casino & Hotel
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    I can’t imagine this process without you leading it. Your process and you are amazing – even for a New Yorker! LOL. 😉

    Erik Beguin, Founder & CEO | Austin Capital Bank

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Considering an Agency Search?

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