There is a new method of getting the proverbial message to the right person at the right time. Google, Bing, Facebook, and others have shifted their ad-serving logic to incorporate AI into their decision-making processes for which ad is best served to an individual. This new functionality means a reformation of best practice strategies is in order. And these new practices are starkly in contrast to long-standing successful tactics. So, some relearning is in order to kickstart your campaigns for growth and ROI.

For Gen Z, their path to adulthood has been shaped by immense uncertainty, concern, and change — requiring them to be flexible and adaptable as they find their footing. As a group they can be seen as thoughtful or fickle, collaborative or self-obsessed, humorous or righteous. This ability to embrace contradiction defines their uniqueness as a generation, but can be a puzzle for marketers. As Gen Z amasses spending power, knowing what influences their decision-making and gains their loyalty can be difficult to pin down. Here are six notable ways to relate to Gen Z and provide them unquestionable value.

Novelty marketing has seen an uptick over the past few years. Unusual product offerings and spokespeople have popped up more frequently, ranging from Peeps-textured nail polish to Odd Couple-type pairings of celebrities and products. Perhaps the tactic’s best and most long-lasting example is the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, but other brands have tried various unexpected campaigns to increase their relevance and reach. Ultimately, whether a shock-value campaign is beneficial for a brand greatly depends on their approach — and their understanding of their existing audience. 

setting up google analytics 4

One of the biggest challenges for CMOs? How to make better marketing decisions using data. That’s what makes the introduction of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) so exciting. 

GA4 is available now. But it will officially replace Universal Analytics (UA) on July 1, 2023. That’s when UA will stop processing new data.

Unlike previous versions, GA4 is not an upgrade. It’s a completely new rebuild and rethink of the platform. 

GA4 is powered by machine learning and can predict user behavior. In fact, it’s the intuitive analytics platform CMOs have long been waiting for. Let’s see why.