Here are some antiviral tips for CMOs that could make a quarantine situation produce some healthy results. (As I sit here gazing out at emptying streets in San Francisco, all my tech clients have notified me they’re going remote for the next two weeks.) 

So here we are: Pandemic panic has certainly set in and not without reason; we’re facing a highly contagious virus to which none of us are immune. We’re all in preparation mode, but no one knows exactly what we’re preparing for (quarantine? social isolation? the actual end of days?) or when “it” will start. 

Advertising, we have a problem. The agency industry is unlike any other. People in other industries don’t provide their would-be clients with “spec work” for free. So why are agencies expected to think for free when pitching for a new account? It’s a topic that strikes a chord throughout the industry with an ongoing debate over the question of should agencies be paid to pitch? 
Franchising is a model that allows business owners to grow their businesses and expand the brand. Franchisees buy into a brand that has concept, operations and marketing support. However, franchisees still need to build their own businesses. Successful companies never stop marketing. Consider marketing to be food, not medicine; businesses need ongoing marketing as sustenance, not just a quick burst to cure a problem. Marketing brings in business. So why do so many franchise brands struggle to get franchisees to fully participate in local store marketing?
Although memory lane isn’t a physical street, it’s a place in everyone’s hearts once you reach a certain age.  But for some, memory lane includes reminiscing about a simpler time in history. Before the days of instantaneous uploading, 24/7 access, dings from texts, beeps from Facebook messages, endless emails and a barrage of unsolicited ones too.