7 Key Steps to Reaching Brandscendence™

7 Key Steps to Reaching Brandscendence™

Great brands are like great people and when great people know who they are, where they’re going and how to get there, they can contribute to the world in a way that is larger than any one single area of focus. At a certain point, they transcend their specialized field and become something larger than themselves, larger than their community, and larger than their chosen category.  They become Brandscendent™ LeBron James represents something larger than basketball. Nike represents something larger than sports apparel. Dove represents something larger than soap.  They are Brandscendent.  So, what does a brand have to do to become Brandscendent? 

Step 1: Desire for Greatness

The first step toward Brandscendence is to know what you want to achieve and strive for greatness. The first question is always, What is our goal? Once established, the client, agency, and any other concerned parties must agree upon reaching those goals and desires above all else. 

Step 2: Cultural Exploration

There is a relevant cultural insight surrounding all brands. We need to find it and we need to leverage it. The most powerful cultural insight is not always obvious. Many agencies will outline a quantitative and qualitative process for isolating it, but just as often there is no blueprint. The power of cultural insight is usually only as interesting as your agency is. Science is valuable. Data is valuable. But the agency with the best “gut” always wins.  There is no substitute for instinct, perceptiveness, and experience. 

Step 3: Define a Vision

The vision is an articulation of the platform on which all communication should be based. Usually a few words or one sentence. It must be simple, definitive and inspirational. It must feel comfortable because it will serve as the North Star for all creative work to follow. 

Step 4: Express the Vision

Communicate the brand.  Every piece of communication you do must support the vision irrespective of the media channel. It’s not about individual ads. It’s about consistent brand behavior. Over time, creative executions may adapt to culture but core brand values should remain constant. 

Step 5: Transmit the Vision

Relay the brand.  No matter how great the creative is, without an equally creative on/offline media plan that leverages every dollar, a campaign is useless. We work closely with media partners to ensure that your message is transmitted properly and supports the brand personality. 

Step 6: Expand the Vision

Creating brand advocates.  Once your brand personality is known, all other decisions become easier and more intuitive. Who to partner with, co-branding opportunities, sponsorships, etc., all become clearer. Your brand gains strength from a chorus of voices. All in tune. Once the ethos of your brand is part of the collective subconscious of the mass audience, your message takes on a life of its own. 

Step 7: Reach Brandscendence

You rise above your category. You become inspirational beyond your products. You create culture. Brandscendence is hard won but easily lost. Constant vigilance must be maintained to protect the brand. Arcana Academy, acting as your partner and brand steward will keep the brand in proper alignment as the culture shifts beneath you.  By following these seven essential steps, you will help your brand go beyond ordinary limits and reach a state of true “Brandscendence.”

Marshall Detwiler

Arcana Academy is a Los Angeles based advertising agency specializing in strategically sound solutions for branding, advertising, and marketing across all media channels, both new and traditional. The agency provides “big agency thinking with personalized service of a boutique” focusing their every thought, breath, and heartbeat on creating powerful emotional connections between brands and consumers. Contact: marshall.detwiler@arcanaacademy.com Website: https://arcanaacademy.com/