The US Open is one of the top NYC events each year bringing revenue in excess of $350,000,000! Although the pandemic has put a damper on the 2020 tournament (and its revenue), fans are still soaking in some exciting moments unfold while being broadcast in living rooms around the world.

Think about the past three months: The world has undergone a massive health crisis. A social revolution is marching for equality in the streets. Organizations have pivoted to remote workforces nearly instantaneously — creating friction in normal working rhythms. Virtual work has increased the need for self-direction and self-motivation amongst employees.

Marketers rightly expend considerable intellectual energy devising ways to sell more to their best prospects. But one key lever is often overlooked: smartly allocating budgets between national and local media. How you determine this split can make the difference between focusing on consumers who will buy from you, and wasting money on those who never will.