Super Bowl LVI has come and gone – and the armchair media analysts have all returned to their day jobs. But for true marketing professionals, our work continues beyond Super Bowl weekend. We’re in an industry that’s booming. Global ad spending is predicted to reach $850 billion by the end of 2024. With media spend making up one of the largest components of marketing budgets, it’s imperative marketers have a media strategy that can adequately respond when the CMO says, “we need a digital media strategy!” or when the CFO says, “we need to understand ROI on media spend,” and especially when the CEO says, “my kid is on TikTok, why aren’t we?” 

At AAR Partners, we’ve spent four decades helping over 1,500 marketing professionals quickly find agencies who fit their exact brand needs on many levels. Our team is made up of highly experienced agency review consultants committed to helping your business, understanding your needs, and securing the foundation for a successful agency search. 

As more and more brands take their advertising in-house, the need for trusted external partners has never been greater. Increasingly, marketers are seeking partners who can plug the holes and deliver on-demand expertise in areas your internal organization might lack or not justify the large investment. 

The field of athlete marketing is equal parts exciting and intimidating. Partnering with professional athletes will help you build trust with consumers, target hyper-local audiences, and generate incredibly valuable content to reuse in other marketing channels, but athletes are often difficult to get in touch and negotiate a deal with. That’s why my team and I created MarketPryce, a two-sided marketplace for athletes and brands to find each other, connect, and close deals.