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8 Questions Every Marketer Should Answer Before Committing To An Agency Review

Most agencies, and a lot of consultants, often miss the fact that your job is not to struggle with finding the most appropriate agency for your marketing needs. That’s our forte and the
service that we’ve been providing to clients for almost four decades.

We are AAR Partners, a leading agency search firm and we’re dedicated to forging successful client-agency partnerships.AAR has over 35 years of experience and has conducted over 1,500 reviews. Our success lies in our unique, objective and thorough process. A process that unburdens you from what can be a complicated one and allows us to take on that responsibility while still keeping you involved in every step. In addition, our search process has resulted in numerous client-agency relationships that outlast the 3-4 year industry average and report strong business results such as: HGTV, who boosted ratings over 40% after working with us through the search and contract negotiation process in selecting the right agency partner.

Although you may have gone through agency searches before, you may want to ask yourself; do I need to conduct an agency search? Is now the right time?

To help you, ask yourself a few important questions:

  1. Am I really satisfied with the work product I am getting from my agency, whether it their brand work, overall creativity or media buying, planning buying and innovation?
  2. Does my agency team(s) do a really good job, not just an okay job, following direction and has their work been on point in reflecting that direction?
  3. Has my advertising team been consistent, responsive and do they turn around work in a timely manner?
  4. Or do you find constant turnover to more and more junior associates?
  5. Do you feel your compensation is fair and are you satisfied that you are getting value for the fee you pay your agency(s) regardless of your financial arrangement?
  6. Are you mandated by procurement to conduct reviews periodically?
  7. Does my PR agency not only get us exposure but the right exposure?
  8. Are they aligned with the corporate strategy and objectives?

If you have answered no, or are on the fence regarding answers to any of these questions, contact us. We can help you make that decision. AAR Partners is committed to ensuring that corporate marketing executives forge and maintain successful and (yes…) enjoyable client-agency relationships.

Feel free to call or email Lisa Colantuono directly at 212-400-1470 / for a confidential conversation about any of your agency relationship issues and/or needs.

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Lisa Colantuono

Lisa Colantuono is the President of AAR Partners. An agency search consultant for nearly two decades, Lisa is also an avid writer. Lisa has contributed many articles in top industry trades such as Forbes, Huffington Post, Advertising Age, Adweek and HubSpot Blogs’ Agency Post. Recently, Lisa entered the world of publishing with her book, @AARLisa: New Biz in 140 characters (or Less), written for the on-the-go new business exec that needs cut-to-the-chase insights to nail new business wins again and again. Lisa is also part of the industry speaking circuit, presenting at national conferences including 4A’s Transformation Conference, AAF Admerica National Conference, BOLO, HOW Design Live, Mirren, and AdAge Small Agency Conference.