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Tessa Burg

Tessa Burg is Chief Technology Officer and host of the Leader Generation podcast at Mod Op, a full-service marketing communications agency focused on using the right methods to help clients capitalize on their opportunities. In her previous role as vice president of technology, she helped clients execute engaging, multi-platform experiences and products to bring their brands to life. Moving into her role as CTO, she oversees Mod Op’s technology stack to ensure the agency is leveraging the right platforms to deliver valuable and measurable marketing communications, entertainment and experiences. To learn more about Mod Op, please visit
setting up google analytics 4

One of the biggest challenges for CMOs? How to make better marketing decisions using data. That’s what makes the introduction of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) so exciting. 

GA4 is available now. But it will officially replace Universal Analytics (UA) on July 1, 2023. That’s when UA will stop processing new data.

Unlike previous versions, GA4 is not an upgrade. It’s a completely new rebuild and rethink of the platform. 

GA4 is powered by machine learning and can predict user behavior. In fact, it’s the intuitive analytics platform CMOs have long been waiting for. Let’s see why.