Capturing the Attention of Gen Alpha in the Beauty Market

The audience for skincare is changing nearly overnight, and it’s not Millenials or Gen Z flooding the market.

The biggest beauty story this past holiday was Gen Alpha and the skincare products on their holiday gift lists. No other generation has been so young and shown such an obsession with skincare. 

Fifty-five percent of kids between the ages of 6-16 want to purchase items shown by their favorite social media personalities, even though many of these products are intended for mature skin and are detrimental to young skin. Base Beauty Creative Agency, based in NYC, presents this fascinating trend and data-driven ideas on how to leverage this passion, in a healthy way, to grow your business.

Jodi Katz, CEO and founder, and Nicole Clark, Director Digital Marketing and Awarness of Base Beauty, talk about capturing the attention of Gen Alpha, in a way that is effective, garners positive attention, and meets them where they are at.

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