What’s In Store For 2019?



Hello and welcome back to a new year of agency search quick tips from AAR Partners. AAR Partners is an agency search consultancy managing agency reviews for marketers since 1980.

This week we had an inquiry from a marketer asking me:

“What is in store for 2019?”

Well, we all wish we had a crystal ball but in terms of marketing and communications, I’m predicting a few key needs and trends:

  1. Implementation of Agile Marketing– Marketers have always been ‘the voice of the customer’ but collaboration across all functions really needs to step up since consumer demands are evolving at a faster and faster rate, so organizations need to be restructured in a way that enables them to respond and adapt quickly. Having disparate teams that don’t talk to each other, or are set up around different objectives, will not enable that to happen. And agencies that understand your specific business operations are vital for successful communications.
  2. Less In-House Marketing– The large shift to pulling work in-house will either start to reverse or more outside agencies will be needed to help fill the gaps for in-house work. The idea of an in-house agency sounds easier than what it really entails. Running an agency is an entirely different business than marketing a brand and although there are some benefits to having an in-house agency, there are more benefits to working with outside experts.
  3. Increased Engagement Through Human Connection– Shifting from algorithms to human connections will become more important. That’s not to say that data science will disappear. But infusing the personal into personalization and embracing consumers by encouraging them to co-create content underpinned by a clear human purpose is circling back around. Technology is wonderful but human connections are far greater than AI.

As the coming months unfold, we shall see what 2019 truly has in store…

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And on behalf of everyone at AAR Partners, we wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous and blessed New Year!