How to Build a Frictionless Marketing Strategy

“The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed yet.” -William Gibson

We’ve all been there. We’re preparing to go out of town only to have our airline email us and tell us our flight has been delayed due to inclement weather.

We then spend hours trying to find a new flight, book a hotel for the night, or even sitting around the airport waiting. It’s a hassle and develops a bad experience- even when its at no fault of the airlines.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the airline could provide real-time status updates and let you when you should leave your home or hotel in order to make your flight? Or let you know well in advance if your flight will be delayed? Maybe even make local hotel recommendations and book your new flight for you?

Thanks to technology, this is where we are headed- and not just among airlines but among all aspects of life.

Technology is reducing the amount of friction that we as consumers experience. And it’s building a future for brands where there are clear winners and losers. The losers will continue to make consumers do the guesswork. Where the winners will help customer achieve a state of flow.

Flow is one of two things:
1. The ability to focus on important tasks proven to increase quality of our work.
2. Setting up a system that allows you to get work done more efficiently

In this Lesson Session, Gimbal explains how brands, retailers and technology partners can build a 2022 strategy that is focused on building frictionless experiences for its customers.

If you want to learn how to help your customers enter a flow state where engaging with your brand is effortless and delivers exactly what they want and when they want, this video is for you.

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