#7 Building a Strategy That Moves At the Speed of Culture

Episode Summary:

Brands today need to think in terms of B2P… business to people. This is because people, not just consumers, are demanding more engagement, more personalization and more in the moment experiences. And they are unapologetic about it. To keep up, smart marketers are building agile strategies that move at the speed of culture. And in episode 7 of the “On Purpose Podcast”, the executive suite of Odysseus Arms out of San Francisco, Libby Brockhoff and Jake Sugarman, are telling us just how to do that. Listen up here.

Show Notes:

For more information on Libby Brockoff, you can connect with her here on LinkedIn.

For more information on Jake Sugarman, you can connect with him here on LinkedIn.

If you are interested in learning more or working with Odysseus Arms, check them out here.

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