#16 Building a Challenger Mindset to Disrupt Your Market

2023 has been a bear of year so far for most brands and industries. But there is one agency that helps marketers take on their bear. Whether a brand’s bear is a new brand launch or one in need of an overhaul, VCCP excels with clients who have the same challenger mindset and want to disrupt their market rather than simply reflect the status quo. Even market leaders have their ‘bear’ but being bigger, braver, bolder helps to take on and take down the grizzliest of bears. This is our focus on today’s “On Purpose” Podcast with my guests, Brett Edgar, CEO, and Jonny Shaw, Chief Strategy Officer of VCCP New York. Brett and Jonny thank you for joining me here today… I have a feeling this is going to be a bear of a discussion for our listeners.

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