#14 How Your Brand Can Win in the Battle Against Indifference

In the words of the great Bill Bernbach, “Nothing kills a product faster than good advertising.” And there seems to be a lot more advertising and a lot less engagement these days. Why? You can sum it up into one word: indifference. People have too much going on in their lives to care about brands. Lack of time and being pulled in many directions are the real enemies…annnnd that impacts “indifference” when it comes to consumers’ thoughts about advertising. But what if an innovation consultancy fell in love with an advertising agency and they made a beautiful, smart, charming baby? That would be The Variable out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The Variable exists to beat indifference through advertising that drives growth for today and innovation that designs growth for tomorrow. This is our focus on today’s “On Purpose” Podcast with my guest, Courtney Lewis, VP Growth of The Variable.

Episode resources:

  • To learn more about Courtney Lewis, connect with her here.
  • To learn more about The Variable, visit its website here.