AAR Partners’ Services Leads to a 5-Star Review on Clutch

Outside help. It’s something every major organization needs throughout its growth whether at the time of inception, after a major acquisition or even as it experiences transformation over the course of its life.  

Many times outside help requires the hire of business consultancies or professional advisors who don’t just give advice based on their thoughts. Most of them have years of practice to gain particular expertise to make them advantageous in specific businesses. Companies hire them to seek help in their problems or get advice in handling a case.  

These advisor’s services and expertise can range from finance and technology to change management and leadership development. It also comes in the form of agency search consultancy, an area in which we at AAR Partners have specialized in for over four decades. 

Sure, AAR Partners is a business consultancy. But above all, we’re a team of business matchmakers who help brands find long-term marcom agency partners. With our four decades of experience and 1,500+ satisfied clients, we’ve become one of the most trusted consultancies in the advertising industry. Our team of knowledgeable advisors knows the diverse agency landscape better than any other practice out there. And due to our decades of expertise, we can immediately look for agencies that suit your brand’s unique requirements.

With that, we are stoked to share that we received our first review on Clutch, a B2B reviews and rating platform committed to helping corporate clients and services providers. The five-star rating review is from ClearChoice, a dental healthcare company, who wanted to find a new agency of record. Our company provided criteria, sessions, and guidance for the client.


“AAR Partners’ industry intelligence and expertise were of great value. They have an in-depth knowledge of how the industry has evolved and how agencies work while balancing the needs of the organization.” – Michelle Ichazo-Vazquez, Sr. Manager of Marketing Communications at ClearChoise

The client was really impressed with our experience and expertise. We made sure to understand their business and management style to know what’s best for the company. We are grateful for ClearChoice’s kind words towards us. It was a pleasure working with them and helping their company find the best agency.

This is only the first of many reviews to come. We look forward to seeing more clients leave us their reviews on the project we’ve worked on with them. The great words from them will help us prove our talents and abilities to provide the best solutions for our partners.

AAR Partners is also featured on The Manifest, a business news site known for how-to guides, agency shortlists, and data-driven content. According to their list, we are one of the top 40 business consulting companies in New York. 

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