Lisa Colantuono

Lisa Colantuono


Lisa Colantuono | President

Lisa has been immersed in advertising and marketing for over two decades. Since June 2001, she has worked directly with a myriad of marketers on agency reviews and has counseled numerous clients including Aruba Tourism Authority, Ben & Jerry’s, Exxon Mobil, HGTV, Jergens, Jim Beam, Lee Jeans, Lindblad Expeditions, Panera Bread, Subaru (to name only a few) on finding the best communications partners for their needs. Caught in a unique position between clients who want a clean, smooth review process and agencies who want every possible advantage, Lisa is adept at remaining unruffled and gets the job done in a fair and positive manner for everyone involved. She not only believes in “enduring partnerships that matter,” but also is enthusiastic about creating them.

In addition to her role as a search consultant, she has created a new business service center for agencies by co-founding Access Confidential in 2005. The comprehensive new business research tool has not only become the ‘go-to’ resource for hundreds of users’ new business intelligence needs but also has become the “web-based new business assistant” in the industry! In response to agency consultation requests, she has also developed a new program specifically for the benefit of agencies’’ new business efforts, called The smAARt Site. She is dedicated to helping new business executives add science to the art of new business.

In addition, Lisa is the creator of Classical Cradle®, a classical piano lullaby CD dedicated to new moms and their baby. She teaches piano lessons every Saturday morning, volunteers as a speaker for the AEF’s ‘Inside Advertising Speakers Program,’ an NSAC judge for the AAF and serves as an adjunct advertising professor teaching media planning (from her days at Y&R media) at NYIT, where she earned a BS in advertising and an MA in communication arts.

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About Lisa

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