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We don’t take shortcuts. We just get there faster.

AAR Partners agency search consultancy has been creating enduring client-agency partnerships impacting ROI since 1980. We’ve witnessed talented agencies have lackluster results due to poor client-agency relationships. That’s why we don’t just search for a new relationship when we manage an agency search. We conduct an in-depth review that results in a partnership that is strong and successful and in turn, optimizes your marketing dollars.

What do we evaluate for a successful match?

  1. Proper agency resources
  2. Appropriate agency logistics
  3. Relevant agency experience
  4. Culture and “chemical” compatibility

Our review process is tailored to each individual client’s culture, brand’s needs and timeline, providing every client with our personal touch. We offer rationale behind each and every step, including a qualitative and quantitative approach and proprietary evaluation systems throughout the review…all leading to equitable partnerships outlasting the industry norm.

There isn’t a review that ends where our clients don’t tell us that our service was beyond expectations. AAR offers many benefits but one thing that stands out amongst all others: we help facilitate real change quickly that leaves a positive imprint that outlasts the industry average.

Agency Search Services

Full Search

From understanding your criteria to the final pitch, we manage everything from start to finish.

Discovery Search

Need a little boost for your agency search? We’ll help your brand have five finalists within five weeks.

Quick Search

Manage your search, but begin with a kickstart! We’ll provide you with the proper short list of agencies based on your brand’s specific criteria.

Coach Search

Think of us as your “personal search trainer.” While the agency search is completely managed by you, we will guide and advise you each step of the way.

  • Effectiveness

    Since 1980, we’ve been focused on one thing: building long lasting and effective agency partnerships. Our forged client-agency relationships have proven to last twice as long as the industry average tenure and yield ROI in less 18 months or less.

  • Experience

    With four decades of agency search experience we know who is continuously creating exceptional work, and who is falling behind. By keeping up with the agency landscape, we remove the clutter and quickly align you with the best fit partner.

  • Expertise

    We have the agency search process down to an art and a science. The science involves organizing the process to be smooth and transparent, but the art of the search process allows us to pair you with the agencies that “speak your language.”

  • Enjoyment

    Without a consultant, the agency search process can be extremely stressful for marketers. Here at AAR Partners, we turn what can typically be a taxing process into a collaborative, smooth and just plain exciting experience!



Our forged client-agency relationships last twice as long as the average industry tenure.



Of previous clients return to AAR Partners for additional discipline agency reviews.



Our agency search process is completed in half the duration of an in-house agency review.


< 18 mo

Our forged client-agency relationships yield ROI for the brand in 18 months or less.

  • Demo
    “AAR Partners was selected based on three main criteria: showed a quantitative approach to a qualitative process, very experienced in the agency landscape and showed a terrific level of confidence. Now that we’ve finished the review, we’re thrilled that they lead the process and know that we ended up with the best possible agency partner.”
    Marlo Menti, Senior Marketing Manager | Clarisonic
  • Demo
    “AAR Partners keenly understood our specific requirements for an agency and most importantly, kept us focused on meeting those goals. Their expertise, knowledge and guidance were invaluable as we moved through the detailed process and final decision. They were always available to talk through questions and incredibly responsive. I was amazed at how AAR Partners processed mountains of information and kept track of many moving pieces throughout our fast-paced schedule!”
    Marilyn Steranko, Art Director | Produce Marketing Association
  • Demo
    “AAR Partners was an invaluable partner for our AOR search. Once our needs were understood, their depth of knowledge regarding agency players coupled with a very disciplined, well-defined search process helped us find the perfect agency. I would highly recommend their services to manage your next agency search.”
    Marcus Lona, VP of Brand & Experience Leader | Flagstar

Considering an Agency Search?

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Considering an Agency Search?

Let’s start a confidential conversation today.

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