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AAR Partners works directly with Winmo to handle agency registration. As the industry’s leading relational database of national advertisers and the agencies they work with, Winmo provides the accurate data we need to curate necessary insights.

While we partner closely with Winmo we meticulously adhere to the policies set forth in the “Rules of the Road” by ANA/4A’s.

  • Tom Barzizza
    “Lisa took the time to give me a call regarding the details of the scoring. My team greatly appreciated learning more about the decision process and areas that we might improve. This process was extremely tight. The RFI was very detailed and clear. And the communications between AM and AAR were prompt and polite. Fine work on AAR’s end.”
    Tom Barzizza, President | Archer Malmo Retail
  • Michael A. Olguin
    “We have worked with many search consultants and found AAR to be one of the best. Lisa is communicative, transparent, efficient and effective. As an agency, your hope is that any search consultant is going to help facilitate the process, be objective and ensure the client is using a pragmatic approach to selecting their agency partner. I believe AAR does just that.”
    Michael A. Olguin, CEO | Havas Formula
  • Donovan Roche
    “Lisa conducted such a thorough, well-run review. It was a true pleasure working with AAR Partners.”
    Donovan Roche, VP of Growth | Havas Formula
  • Sean Halter
    “If your a CMO for a brand needing a consultant – Lisa Colantuono is one of the best.”
    Sean Halter, Partner | Connectivity Holdings
  • Nancy Aresu
    “Working with Lisa is seamless. She is present at all meetings and truly understands what both clients and agencies need for a fair and thoughtful pitch. She is honest and accessible from start to finish.”
    Nancy Aresu, EVP, General Manager | Cramer-Krasselt
  • Chris Perkins
    “Instead of just listening to respond, Lisa Colantuono listens to help. She is wise and generously invests time with both the client and prospective agency teams carefully listening to help, which results in great, long-lasting and highly productive client-agency relationships.”
    Chris Perkins, Managing Director | Bernstein Rein

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