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39 years. 1,500+ agency reviews. Seven-year average client-agency tenure. $15M+ in agency fees opportunities in 2018. 500+ agencies invited to pitch accounts each year. 250+ agency meet & greets per year. You could say we’ve got the search process down to a science here at AAR Partners. Now we want to bring more review opportunities to your door. How? By inviting you to join our exclusive agency membership where we will work together to raise your agency’s awareness, increase search opportunities and help you bring home more potential wins. Our recommended Premium Membership, presents a unique opportunity for your agency to connect with agency search consultant, Lisa Colantuono, where you will have the chance to discuss your business capabilities, industry insights or new business opportunities and occasional counsel on quick topics.

Basic Membership


Complete the limited agency registration to get your basic agency information into AAR Partner’s database.

Premium Membership

$950 – $1,750 / year / office

Customised consultation with AAR Partners’ President, including feedback and new business consultation.

  • Tom Barzizza
    “Lisa took the time to give me a call regarding the details of the scoring. My team greatly appreciated learning more about the decision process and areas that we might improve. This process was extremely tight. The RFI was very detailed and clear. And the communications between AM and AAR were prompt and polite. Fine work on AAR’s end.”
    Tom Barzizza, President | Archer Malmo Retail
  • Michael A. Olguin
    “We have worked with many search consultants and found AAR to be one of the best. Lisa is communicative, transparent, efficient and effective. As an agency, your hope is that any search consultant is going to help facilitate the process, be objective and ensure the client is using a pragmatic approach to selecting their agency partner. I believe AAR does just that.”
    Michael A. Olguin, CEO | Havas Formula
  • Donovan Roche
    “Lisa conducted such a thorough, well-run review. It was a true pleasure working with AAR Partners.”
    Donovan Roche, VP of Growth | Havas Formula
  • Sean Halter
    “If your a CMO for a brand needing a consultant – Lisa Colantuono is one of the best.”
    Sean Halter, Partner | Connectivity Holdings
  • Nancy Aresu
    “Working with Lisa is seamless. She is present at all meetings and truly understands what both clients and agencies need for a fair and thoughtful pitch. She is honest and accessible from start to finish.”
    Nancy Aresu, EVP, General Manager | Cramer-Krasselt
  • Chris Perkins
    “Instead of just listening to respond, Lisa Colantuono listens to help. She is wise and generously invests time with both the client and prospective agency teams carefully listening to help, which results in great, long-lasting and highly productive client-agency relationships.”
    Chris Perkins, Managing Director | Bernstein Rein
  • Suresh Raj
    “It’s such a pleasure collaborating with Lisa at AAR Partners. In every new business opportunity we’ve worked on together, she has been an incredible steward of clients ambitions and needs whilst at the same time, being a champion of the agencies. The AAR process is detailed, rigorous and highly collaborative – putting agencies through their paces in a structured way, which only helps ensure that we put our best foot forward at all times. Lisa’s clear guidance at each interaction is invaluable, ensuring we are always ‘at our best.”
    Suresh Raj, Global Business Development | Zeno Group
  • Dawn Terrazas
    “Lisa is an incredible consultant. She is immersed in her client’s needs and therefore always executes a flawless New Business search process. She provides excellent direction and feedback to her agency partners. She is best-in-class in her field.”
    Dawn Terrazas, Executive Group Managing Director | Avrett Gree Ginsberg
  • Jessica Schmidt
    “Lisa provided us with great insights and feedback. It was wonderful to pick the brain of the person that clients look to when searching for their next agency partner. Her perspective on agency complacency and staffing in strategy rung true and we have already been able to incorporate some of your suggestions into our key service project.”
    Jessica Schmidt, President | BPD Advertising
  • Jill Draper
    “Lisa has her finger on the pulse of what marketers need in today’s data-driven digital economy. Merkle considers Lisa to be a valuable strategic advisor and she has been instrumental in helping us get our story told to clients who are seeking a better performance marketing agency.”
    Jill Draper, VP, Business Development | Merkle
Agency Membership Basic Premium
$950: < 50 employees $1,250: 50-150 employees $1,750: > 150 employees
Limited agency info entered into AAR’s database (may be updated annually)
Up to two, 1-hour capabilities presentations per year to update Lisa in person (conference call or at AAR’s office)
Receive basic feedback and critique on your capabilities presentation
Limited discussion on the state of the industry and/or new business insights
Occasional counsel on quick questions
Be included in the “short cut to the short list” when Lisa provides quick agency referrals to clients managing internal reviews
Touch basis with Lisa and learn what clients may be “on the hunt” for a new agency
Participate in writing a “smAARt article” (thought leadership piece) which AAR will distribute to marketers and spotlight your agency
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